Worldviews, Calling & Culture (WC&C) is a Christian based not-for-profit corporation with a threefold purpose.  The Mission WC&C is to train leaders and develop future leaders to be “salt and light” in their communities by helping them in three ways.  First, to help them understand that all humans possess a worldview that determines how they live their lives. As Christians, our goal is for our worldview to come into conformity with that of Jesus Christ and thus WC&C helps Christian leaders cultivate a biblical worldview. Second, by understanding God’s purpose in calling them as leaders in their community and by helping them clarify how to best pursue their calling. Third, by helping these leaders work in unity, and think strategically to influence their community with the love of God and a biblical worldview. WC&C helps Christian leaders fully implement God’s plan for their lives in service to their community.

Through this program, leaders from various walks of life participate together in a nine-session program that increases understanding of the challenges facing their community. The vision is to cultivate perpetuating, multi-generational Christian lay leadership. Leaders who are willing to be both “elders at the gates” and “watchmen on the wall;” men and women committed to influencing the culture of their community with a biblical worldview.

The goal of WC&C is not to simply increase knowledge about important worldview matters; it is to engage culture with positive and meaningful solutions to systemic challenges. In particular, WC&C provides leaders with practical tools to address problems strategically and proactively. As a result, participants can expect an experience that is inspiring, educational and useful in determining how best to influence their communities for good.