The “culture” purpose of the organization centers on creating and forming community groups with the purpose of transforming their communities. These community groups are comprised of key Christian leaders from all walks of life interested in seeking collaborative ways to strengthen communities through the application of a Biblical worldview. Through this program, participants are given an opportunity to build lasting relationships with other leaders who share in a desire to serve others in a substantive and lasting way. WC&C lead participants through a nine-month program of instruction, team/relationship building, strategizing and planning. Through this program, leaders are better prepared to make a positive and lasting impact on the future of their community, and in turn, communities find themselves healthier, safer, and in more productive places to live.  The teaching techniques used include lectures from “subject matter experts,” reading reference materials and books, Internet research, and class discussions.

These activities are conducted by the founder and staff of Worldviews, Calling & Culture Inc. (WvC&C) and “subject matter experts” that are brought in to address specific sessions. The WvC&C program runs for nine months, typically from September through June (there is no session in December). The WvC&C programs is conducted along the “Front Range” of the Colorado area.  The Colorado communities include, but is not limited to: Longmont, Loveland, Denver, Ft. Collins, Parker, and Colorado Springs.

Initially, this activity is part-time, approximately 20 hours per week.  As the program grows and demand increases, over the next two years, it will become a full time activity.

For the first few years this activity/program is funded by WvC&C. As the program grows, a fee will be collected from the participants, and it is expected that donations will be made by “alumni” of the program, and by other organizations whose personnel participate in this program.